Wednesday, February 20, 2013


 A couple of weekends ago we took down the bunkbed and put twin beds in the boys' room.  The goal was to get Aiden to start sleeping in his own bed.  Aiden has been sleeping in my bed and Tim has been sleeping on the bottom bunk since Tim's leukemia diagnosis.
Now that the boys are getting older and Tim's health is stable we thought it was time to go back to a "normal" life.
The transition was so easy, Aiden did so good he only woke up once the first night and climbed into our bed but we told him to go back to his bed and he did. 
Now that they are sleeping in the same room, the boys are getting along better.
So the story of the eye....
The boys were playing tag in their room on Saturday night when Riley decided to dodge Aiden.  In the process, he hit his eye on the night stand.  As you can see the edges are perfectly rounded.  He ruptured a blood vessel in his eye.
The opthamologist reassured us that the injury looks worse than it is.  He has a scleral hemorrhage that will be gone in two weeks.
We kept him home from school until the swelling was gone.
The reaction from his friends was priceless.
Oh the joy of boys and their injuries.
Got to love them, never a dull moment for sure.