Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving work of Art

Riley made this great centerpiece at Hands. 

He did a great job. 

It will be a nice addition to our lovely Hueth dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Taylor turns 18!

Well It's Official!!!

Taylor is 18!

Cake made by Nana.

Taylor, Kierra and Bri

Blowing out the trick candles.  Have to make her work for this one.

Opening presents.

Leaving for a fun night with the girls.
Bri, Taylor, Kierra and Hannah.

Pumpkin Carving

It's a family tradition to carve pumpkins the night before Halloween. 
When Tanealya was a baby she refused to gut her pumpkin, now look at her cleaning it out like a pro.

Little Aiden was quite the trooper.  He is recovering from a severe sinus infection and asthma exacerbation.  He was so tired.

Riley and Taylor were all over this.  They try to be the next great pumpkin carvers.

This is what Aiden came up with.

Taylor and Riley showing off their work.

Happy Halloween!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Aiden's final season Football Game 2012

Before game warmups.  Aiden and his team are sporting pink for Breat Cancer Awareness Month.  The coaches wife made pink flags for the boys.

Aiden at center

Real fans stand in the freezing wind with coffee.

Aiden with his coach on the sidelines.

Taylor and Aiden

Mom and Aiden

Aiden carrying the ball a few yards.

Great blocking Aiden

After game final team picture

Friday Night Lights

The Havre Blue Ponies invited Riley's team to play under the lights on Friday night.  The game was scheduled to be played at the baseball park and the town prepared the field, tested the lights and were ready to host.  However, the power company turned off the power to the lights and no one was notified.  We had a couple of options, pull cars around the field to light it up or call the superintedent of schools to get permission to use the highschool field.   With luck, the superintendent said yes so across town we drove to a real football field.
When we got there, the boys were so excited and amazed by the size and the lights.
Before the game, the boys lined up in the tunnel and got a little pepped up by the coach.  One of the coaches told the boys that this is a special deal playing under the lights on a real football field so take it all in enjoy and go show them what you have.

Riley lined up for the kick off.

Riley ran the ball in for the first touchdown of the night and his first touchdown of the season

Standing on the sidelines after his touchdown

Riley played the entire game, offense and defense.
They lost by one touchdown but they played their hearts out.

After the game team talk.  Riley loves this sport and this team.

Awesome coaches.  They gave Riley the game ball.

Riley's biggest fan.
She was so amazed by his attitude and leadership.

Proud Mom

And of course Dad couldn't be happier.
The season is now over.  Bittersweet.
Coaches will be doing some off season training and conditioning getting this group ready for middle school.  This is the beginning of many fall weekends for us and We can't wait!!!




Corn Maize Hunger Games

We decided to take the boys out to the Corn Maize for a fun family activity.  It started out fun and as we got to the Maze and moving further into it war broke out.  It started with small individual kernels of corn being thrown at the little boys and before you know it corn cob parts are flying through the field.  At one point I look up and see Riley running through the field as corn cobs are launched.  It looked like a scene out of the Hunger Game.  This continued for 30 minutes. 


This was the scene before it got crazy.
Taylor and Nate in front of Eric and Dani.

The Russian, Daniil, taking pictures to send to his Russian friends I am sure.

Nate and Eric with Tim and Aiden racing ducks.

Nate and Aiden playing tug of war.

Corn Ball V-ball.  This ball seemed to attract itself to Taylor.  She got hit quite a few times.
Every one had a great time and lots of memories to laugh about.