Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hockey family

This past year we were billet's to Junior A hockey players.  Zach is from Alaska and plays defense.  Andrew is from Bozeman, MT and was the goalie.  They lived with us for 14 short weeks this fall but were a huge part of the family.  They came back to spend the weekend in April before Zach headed home to Alaska.

Zach and Andrew flying a kite
Andrew helping Aiden fly his kite
Zach's first kite flying experience
The crew
Taylor and her two big brothers


Riley has developed a strong passion for hockey since his hockey brothers have left.  Tim took all of his gear down from the garage and Riley garbed up.  He is ready to go as soon as the ice is back in September.
Aiden will be joining his brother on the ice.  We have come home from the gym a couple of times and he has been outside with his roller blades and stick giving it a peewee shot.
Now I can add Hockey Mom to Gymnastics, Soccer, Football, Baseball and Cheer-leading.
What to do when they are all grown up.
Maybe travel:)

Saturday at the Cabin

We went to the cabin on Saturday afternoon.  The boys were going to spend the night and the girls were going to come home because when your a junior in highschool this weekend is all about massive amounts of homework.  It started to snow heavily so we all went home.  Tim's truck is not snow appropriate.