Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving work of Art

Riley made this great centerpiece at Hands. 

He did a great job. 

It will be a nice addition to our lovely Hueth dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Taylor turns 18!

Well It's Official!!!

Taylor is 18!

Cake made by Nana.

Taylor, Kierra and Bri

Blowing out the trick candles.  Have to make her work for this one.

Opening presents.

Leaving for a fun night with the girls.
Bri, Taylor, Kierra and Hannah.

Pumpkin Carving

It's a family tradition to carve pumpkins the night before Halloween. 
When Tanealya was a baby she refused to gut her pumpkin, now look at her cleaning it out like a pro.

Little Aiden was quite the trooper.  He is recovering from a severe sinus infection and asthma exacerbation.  He was so tired.

Riley and Taylor were all over this.  They try to be the next great pumpkin carvers.

This is what Aiden came up with.

Taylor and Riley showing off their work.

Happy Halloween!!