Monday, April 11, 2011

Aiden's Hair

Aiden Jacob has a head full of beautiful hair.
Everyone that meets him compliments him on his hair.

But lately he has discovered scissors and it does not matter how many times I hide the scissors, he manages to find a pair.  He has taken little chunks out of the top each week and we keep trying to layer it into his hair.

However, tonight when I picked him up I looked at him and thought that's it, I am going to take him and have it fixed.  He did not want to go, so I was able to talk him into letting me give him a new do.
Last time I cut his hair like this he was almost 2 and I cried.  This time I am trying to be supportive of his big boy hair.  He says, "Mom, I look like Riley". 

My baby is growing up.  He will grow it back out I'm sure, he is a low maintenance type of child, though I LOVE his cowlick.

Birthday Week

This week started on Friday, April 1st with Sabrina's 40th Birthday.
The week ended with Tim's 50th Birthday, on Saturday, April 9th.
Lot's of cake to go around made by Nana of course!!!!